Ali Baba Kabalan

Oriental-Arabic Live-Music


CD Demontration


Oriental Dance Music


1.    Jinan 

Tabla & Accordeon solo, dialogue between drum & Accordeon


2.  Holm Hayati 

Classical Oriental Dance Music, Habibi Song.

3. Habibi ya Balasch

 Love song, special for Oriental Dancer

4. Emta inta Habibi

Orintal Dance Music

5.    Sa ayeen

 This song tell it: don´t play with my Feelings

6   . Ali baba

  Ali Baba is the name of this oriental dance Music

7.   El hawa sawa

Classical Oriental Dance Music, with Habibi Feelings

8.    Beshwesh

Shaábi Dance Music,  like on mohamad Ali Street in Cairo

9.Saidi Dance Music

Upper Egypt Mizmar Dance Music

10. Mafish Gherak

This is a duet Song with Ali Baba & Marwa from Cairo, this is a Love Song for Belly Dancer.